Tempesta a film and videogame production company

directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo
produced by Carlo Cresto-Dina

written by Maurizio Braucci, Mariangela Barbanente and Leonardo Di Costanzo

a tempesta-AMKA Films Productions production
in collaboration with Rai Cinema
in co-production with ZDF / Das Kleine Fernsehspiel in collaboration with ARTE RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera, SRG SSR Idée Suisse

with the support of the Federal Office of Culture (DFI), Switzerland

with the participation of  Cineteca di Bologna 
in collaboration of the Campania Regional Authority Film Commission and Teatro Mercadante, Naples

co-produced by Tiziana Soudani
associate producer Alberto Pezzotta

with the contribution of the Italian Ministry of Culture-General Management for Cinema

world premiere Venice 2012

The first feature film of Leonardo Di Costanzo, a new talent in European cinema du réel.
Written with Mariangela Barbanente and Maurizio Braucci, one of the finest novelists of the Italian new fiction school and screenwriter on Gomorra.

An uncompromising and poetic story about the difficulty of being adolescent in the violent suburbs of a contemporary metropolis.

Naples: a girl and a boy in a huge abandoned building. She, VERONICA, has snubbed the camorra boss in her neighbourhood, but it’s unclear exactly what she has done to be locked up in such a frightening place. He, SALVATORE, has nothing to do with the camorra, but they have forced him to play the gaoler. As the hours go by and the hood fails to appear, Veronica gradually leaves her initial hostility towards Salvatore behind and starts to talk with him and lead him on. There follows a series of shy approaches and advances. The relationship between the two changes and it’s as if they were inside a bubble suspended in mid-air. But they are choked by fear as Veronica’s punishment could arrive at any minute and it’s sure to be terrible. At the end of the day, the camorristi who turn up are different from the ones they expected—they’re even more violent and ruthless.

Leonardo Di Costanzo
Born on Ischia, he lives in Naples and Paris, where he teaches at the prestigious Ateliers Varan. He has directed a number of documentaries and won awards at the most important international festivals.



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