“Ordinary Justice” starts filming in Turin

7 April 2019

Ordinary Justice, Chiara Bellosi’s first feature, starts filming in Turin. Along with nonprofessional actresses Bianca Leonardi and Sarah Short the cast includes Daphne Scoccia, Daniele Lattanzi, Nicola Rignanese and Giovanni Anzaldo.

The film recounts a day of ordinary justice in a large Italian courthouse. At the center, in the heart of the building, a hearing: in the docks sits a young criminal and the petrol station attendant who reacted, shot and killed the former’s young accomplice. We see rituals, robes, interrogations, pieces of evidence, witnesses. But the film also (or especially?) tells the story of what happens beyond the courtroom: the corridors, offices, ushers, families, children and partners of the accused and of the victims, waiting outside.


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