27 January 2020

Ordinary Justice selected at Berlinale Generation

Ordinary Justice (Palazzo di giustizia), first feature written and directed by Chiara Bellosi, has been selected for the official competition at Generation. Cast include Daphne Scoccia, Bianca Leonardi, Sarah Short, Nicola Rignanese, Giovanni Anzaldo, Andrea Lattanzi. Original score by Giuseppe Tranquillino Minerva. The film recounts...

19 April 2019

9 nominations for “Happy as Lazzaro” at the David Awards

Happy as Lazzaro strikes 9 nominations at the David di Donatello Awards, including Best Film, Best Director (Alice Rohrwacher), Best Original Screenplay (Alice Rohrwacher), Best Producer (Carlo Cresto-Dina), Best Supporting Actress (Nicoletta Braschi), Best DOP (Hélène Louvart), Best Set Design (Emita Frigato), Best Costumes (Loredana Buscemi), Best...

7 April 2019

“Ordinary Justice” starts filming in Turin

Ordinary Justice, Chiara Bellosi’s first feature, starts filming in Turin. Along with nonprofessional actresses Bianca Leonardi and Sarah Short the cast includes Daphne Scoccia, Daniele Lattanzi, Nicola Rignanese and Giovanni Anzaldo. The film recounts a day of ordinary justice in a large Italian courthouse. At the center, in the heart...